A day in the life of The Key Surgeon

Paul Cooper tells the story of a typical day in the life of a Locksmith based in Bournemouth.

First stop Salisbury

Today started well first I was a Locksmith in Salisbury, where I was called out to a gentleman on the outskirts of  Salisbury who had been locked out all night. I managed to slip his lock and had him inside in minutes.

Next on to Winchester

Whilst doing this I received another call to a pub experiencing mechanical problems. So I was about to set off there when I received a call from a couple in Winchester that had locked themselves out. So I travelled up there and became a Locksmith in Winchester, this time I opened their residence through the letter box and had them back inside in a matter of minutes.

Back to Salisbury and on to Verwood

Then it was back to being a Locksmith in Salisbury, at the pub, where I replaced 2 thumb turn locks, during this time I got another call to a house in Verwood, having mechanical problems. So I set off there and became a Locksmith in Verwood, this just involved adjusting the keeps on the frame.

And then to Swanage

After that I was contacted by a Physio in Swanage that also had mechanical problems, so I got there as fast as I could and became a Locksmith in Swanage, again this was just a case of adjusting the keeps on the frame.

And Finally…..

That about sums up that day except that on my way back home I received a rather concerned call from the neighbour of an elderly lady that had been duped into handing her keys over to a bogus gas man. So I became a Locksmith in Bournemouth, when I arrived there was a police lady in attendance, we decided that the best thing we could do was to change the locks to the front and rear doors to her property, in case the bogus gas man returned.

Quite a lot of driving that day covered around 250 miles in total.

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