A quiet start to the week again but got to the afternoon and just made a nice cuppa when the phone rings . Its a call out to Andover, mech failure on a conservatory door. Quickly jump in the van and off, arriving 1hour 10 mins later to find a jammed up door, at least they hadn’t had a go at it themselves. So I spread the door to open, stripped out the mech overhauled changed the cylinder and had it apart from the latch running again. Then got a call out to Hedge End, lost keys, headed off over there arrived snapped the cylinder to gain access, fitted new cylinder with 3 new keys and was on my way home. Had tea, got the girls to bed, put the kettle on and the phone rings, here we go all a bit de ja vous for me, call out to Ringwood, lock out, nice and easy though so was on my way home within 15 mins to that well earned cup of tea.

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