Well the week ended on a strange and slightly sour note. Had a call out, quite local, to a lockout, mechanism had failed, jammed solid. Anyway the customer asked me to go ahead an open the door, so I spread the door and popped it open. Sure enough the gear box had failed totally and needed replacing, gave the customer a price and he asked me to go ahead and fix it . As I didn’t have one onboard I phoned a colleague who had one, arranged to meet him and went off to pick it up. When I got back I was greeted by a grumpy woman who informed me that she was the landlady and wasn’t prepared to have me repair the lock as she could do it herself. A bit bemused I said that’s ok the its just the cost of letting your tenant in and ill be on my way but you do understand that you cant lock the door. She then informed me that she wasn’t going to pay for that either. I said, well someone is as i’m going nowhere until its paid for, anyway to cut a long story short the tenant paid the bill, not sure if she understood but she’d already paid the cost of  fitting the new part in conjunction with me letting the tenant in, so all she had to pay for was the part which she will still have to buy and then pay someone else to fit, so paying twice for the fitting. Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your Face.

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