A good day yesterday with call outs in Colden Common, Ringwood, Salisbury¬† twice and then a call out to SP4 Durrington to a lockout on a canal boat, a straight forward lock out on a yale. I set off on the 45 mile drive, where it had been arranged for me to meet the customer at a Travel Lodge who would then take me to the boat, looking back I thought it a little odd, didn’t remember a stretch off river their capable of taking a house boat. I arrived at the post code given and was in the middle of a housing estate, no Travel Lodge anywhere, I phoned back the call centre ,where the job had been called in from, and they put me through to the customer. On asking the customer where abouts she was it soon transpired that I was not in the right place, not the right town, not even the right county, I had been given the post code of SP4 for Salisbury when the real post code was ST4 for Stoke on Trent, not my area at all and a 90 mile round trip wasted in the dark to boot, got home at 9.40 a little bit miffed.

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