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During the course of the day, visiting customers on a call out, I see locks and handles treated in all manners of ways. For example, yesterday I was called out to a lady locked out in Weymouth, apparently she’d been locked out all night but didn’t call a locksmith as it was more expensive in the evening, quite understandable if you have somewhere to stay. Anyway when I got there I asked the lady for the key put it in the door and turned the key it turned both ways left and right, the customer thought that  the snib button was down but actually I, gave the door a little push and low and behold it opened. There was nothing wrong and the door could have been unlocked the night before, I maintained the lock and left a bemused customer wondering why she hadn’t given the door a little push the night previous. On other occasions I see customers Wrenching the door handles, on a multi point locking system as if there very lives depend on it, and are quite amazed as to how easy it operates after i’ve left. The point i’m trying to make is that locks and handles are quite robust and will take a reasonable amount of pushing and pulling but if you get to the point where you are wrenching the hell out of it or nearly snapping your key off in the lock then there is something wrong and for goodness sake get a locksmith in before you cause any real and expensive damage.

Well another week draws to a close and a very quiet week it was.Today first call out was to a very nice lady in Red Lynch, near Salisbury who was experiencing a nasty mechanism failure with the door in the closed position, so this involved spreading the door to gain entry, and then a change of gearbox to the door, luckily I had one on board so the job was completed in half an hour, I shared a coffee and was off to a Lock out in Wareham, well Sandford to be exact. A simple little job and the door was open in less than a minute, lady installed back in her house and that was that home for tea for a change hurrah.

The day started, with a trip to Broadstone, where a customer was having problems with his upvc door. A quick change of cylinder saw that problem off and it was on to the next one, a visit to Milford On Sea where a dear old lady’s lock had Jammed, I stripped that out oiled it up and was on to, what turned out to be, my last job of the day, a visit to Dibden Pirlieu where an elderly gentleman had snapped a key off in his mortice lock, with the door locked, first I picked the lock, then took it apart, found the problem and put it back together again, leaving it working perfectly and another happy customer. I then had a lovely Sunny drive back across the forest to Bournemouth.

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